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Our team of lawyers at offer a range of legal services services related to Real Estate, Corporate, Tax law, Employment law, Family law, Estate planning, Intellectual property law, Criminal law, Environmental law. Please see below

Real Estate

Real estate services to help individuals and businesses navigate the complex real estate market in Portugal. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent property, we can provide expert guidance and representation throughout the process.

Property purchase and sale agreements: Draft and review contracts to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.
Property leasing: Assistance with the negotiation and drafting of rental agreements, including commercial leases for businesses.
Property disputes: In disputes over a property, we can provide legal representation to help you resolve the issue.
Property tax: Advise on the tax implications of buying, selling, or renting property in Portugal, and help you comply with the relevant tax laws.
Real estate transactions: Help you navigate the process of buying or selling a property in Portugal, including obtaining the necessary documents and approvals.

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Corporate law

Incorporation of companies: Assistance with the process of registering a new company in Portugal, including choosing the appropriate legal structure, drafting articles of association, and filing the necessary documents with the relevant authorities.
Corporate governance: Advice on matters related to the management and administration of a company, including the duties and responsibilities of directors and shareholders, and the procedures for holding meetings and making decisions.
Mergers and acquisitions: Helping clients with the legal aspects of buying or selling a business, including negotiating and drafting purchase agreements, conducting due diligence, and handling any regulatory approvals that may be required.
Contractual matters: Assistance with the drafting and negotiation of various types of contracts, including employment contracts, supply agreements, and service contracts.
Dispute resolution: Help to resolve disputes between shareholders, directors, or other stakeholders through negotiation, mediation, or litigation as necessary.

Portugal Tax law

Tax planning and advice: Help in the development of a tax strategy that minimizes your tax liability and maximizes your profits in Portugal.
Tax compliance: Assistance with filing your tax returns, ensuring that you meet all of your obligations under Portuguese tax law.
Tax disputes: Representation and negotiating on your behalf in cases of involvement in a tax dispute with the Portuguese government.
International tax: Help with the complex rules surrounding international tax for foreign businesses operating in Portugal.
Transfer pricing: help with the compliance of the rules governing the pricing of transactions between different divisions or subsidiaries for multinational business.

Employment law

Drafting and reviewing employment contracts: Help with the creation of fair and legally-compliant employment contracts that protect the interests of both the employer and the employee.
Advising on employment laws and regulations: Help the understanding of your rights and obligations as an employer or employee in Portugal facing the complex set of laws and regulations that govern the employment relationship.
Handling disputes: Representation in negotiations or mediation, or in court for involvement in an employment dispute.
Guiding workplace safety: Advice on how to create a safe and healthy work environment, and how to comply with relevant safety regulations in Portugal.
Assisting with employment visas: Help with the process of obtaining employment visas for hiring foreign employees.

Family law

Marriage and divorce: Assistance with the legal process of getting married or divorced, including drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements, negotiating settlement agreements, and representation in court proceedings.
Child custody and support: Help with determining child custody and support arrangements, including mediation and representation in court proceedings.
Adoption: Assistance with the process of adopting a child, including representation in court proceedings and guidance on the legal requirements.
Domestic violence: Legal representation and support for individuals experiencing domestic violence, including obtaining restraining orders and seeking legal remedies for abuse.
Estate planning: Guidance on creating a will or trust, planning for the distribution of assets, and representation in probate proceedings.
Elder law: Legal assistance for seniors, including help with issues related to long-term care, guardianship, and conservatorship.

Estate planning law

Drafting a will: A legal document that outlines an individual’s wishes for the distribution of their assets and property after their death, or can also name an individual as the guardian of any minor children.
Creating a trust: A legal entity that holds assets on behalf of a designated beneficiary.
Establishing power of attorney: A document legal in Portugal that allows an individual to appoint someone to act on their behalf in financial and legal matters.
Making healthcare and financial decisions: help with establishing a living will, and creating a financial power of attorney to manage their financial affairs.

Intellectual property law

Trademark registration: Help you protect your brand and ensure it is properly registered and protected under Portuguese law.
Copyright registration: Ensuring that your creative works are protected and that you have the exclusive rights to use and distribute them.
Patent registration: Protect your inventions and innovations by obtaining a patent from the Portuguese Intellectual Property Office.
Licensing agreements: Negotiating and drafting contracts for the use of intellectual property, such as trademarks or copyrights.
Infringement litigation: Defending your intellectual property rights in court if they are violated by others.
IP due diligence: Conducting research and analysis to assess the intellectual property assets of a company or organization.
IP strategy development: Helping businesses to develop a comprehensive strategy for managing and protecting their intellectual property assets.

Criminal law

Defending clients against criminal charges, such as theft, fraud, or assault
Representing clients in criminal trials and appeals
Advising clients on their legal rights and options when facing criminal charges
Negotiating plea bargains or alternative sentencing options for clients
Advising clients on how to comply with court orders and conditions of probation or parole
Providing representation for clients during police interrogations or questioning
Advising clients on how to handle interactions with law enforcement or other criminal justice agencies
Providing representation for clients during parole or probation hearings
Advising clients on how to expunge or seal criminal records
Providing representation for clients in post-conviction proceedings, such as appeals or habeas corpus petitions.

Environmental law

Advising businesses and individuals on compliance with environmental regulations and laws.
Representing clients in environmental disputes and litigation.
Negotiating and drafting environmental agreements and permits.
Providing legal advice on sustainability and renewable energy projects.
Advising on the environmental impact of real estate transactions and development projects.
Assisting with the creation and implementation of environmental policies and procedures.
Advising on the legal aspects of climate change and carbon emissions reduction.
Providing legal support for environmental non-profit organizations.
Representing clients in environmental regulatory agency proceedings and hearings.
Assisting with the creation and implementation of environmental compliance programs.

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